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Discover How I Made $10,000/mo on YouTube with only 3,200 Subscribers.

I'll teach you the steps on how to generate more revenue with less following in 2024. This the exact framework I used to get monetized in 29 days with just 4 videos.

Hi there - I'm Jason 👋 I help creators generate more revenue with less following.

Look. I think most creators got YouTube wrong. Most creators are chasing more views, more subscribers, or wondering how to go viral. They spend years creating hundreds of videos, growing their audience, but struggle to generate revenue. They focus on the wrong things. I've been there. Yes, having 100k subscribers looks good, but subscribers does not equal revenue. At the end of the day, aren't we all on YouTube to make money? Enough money to escape the 9-5 and achieve the freedom to do anything we want? Enough money to continuously improve our products/services for our audience? It's not about getting more subscribers, but getting more revenue. In the Creator Academy, I'll show you the playbook of strategies and tactics on how to generate a substantial income, even with a small following.

Why am I qualified to teach you?

So just a brief backstory about me. I started my YouTube channel back in April 27, 2023. I had 0 subscribers. $0 in revenue.

A short 29 days later, the channel gained 3,211 subscribers and I got monetized. And at this point I've only uploaded 4 videos.

90 days later

90 days later, the channel was bringing in $10,000 a month. Now I'm not saying this to brag, but to show you what's possible, even from a small channel like mine. By the way, all of this data is publicly available on YouTube or Social Blade.

And my views continued to increase for the next few weeks. The channel managed to get more than 300K views in July 2023 alone with only 12 videos on the channel.

9 months later

Just an update (9 months later), my creator business brings in about $26,000/month. I have about 30 videos uploaded at this point. But let me honest, this is not my first channel. I’ve ran YouTube channels in the past. I’ve been doing it for the past 5 years. I’ve started channels in various niches like travel, true-crime, documentaries (mostly faceless). So I know what works and what doesn't. I understand YouTube like the back of my hand. Now, the money is clearly amazing and I think it’s fair to say that YouTube has completely changed my life. But as you can see, it did not come overnight for me. For most creators out there it will be super slow. And sadly, most creators don't make it. In fact, if you look up the stats, 97% of creators never pass the 10K subscribers mark or even generate any revenue. Making money on Youtube takes a lot of time and its hard. Not to mention the hundreds of hours people waste focusing the wrong things. Unless you are unemployed, have no friends, no family, time is something you don't have a lot of. If you have another business to run, a job, or a family, you probably can't devote 40+ hours a week to figure out Youtube. I'm not saying you can't figure all this out on your own, but it took me 5 years of trial and error to understand the algorithm, invested thousands of dollars in various courses, and watched endless youtube tutorials. But you don't have go through all that as I'm sharing all this in a clear and actionable course to give you the best shot at generating a full-time income as a small creator on YouTube. So in about 2 hours, you will learn: ✓ How to generate income even with a small audience ✓ The income sources that can earn you five figures a month ✓ My exact formula on how to create videos that gets views ✓ The step by step plan to start taking action So if you're keen to learn from me to shortcut your learning cuve (shaving years off the time it took me to get clarity), you've found the right guy 😉 And I fundamentally believe that if you take this seriously, you will achieve the freedom you've been dreaming of. Cheers, Jason Lee

More Stats on My Channel

Here's what my small channel brought in on the 4th month

✓ 512,000 views ✓ Gained 14k new subscribers ✓ No paid ads

How my small channel compares to others

✓ 14 videos and 35k subs ✓ $15,000 in revenue ✓ $4th month on YouTube

What You'll Get In This Course

Course Modules

(About 180 minutes)


What some of our students have been able to achieve.

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Creator Academy

One-time payment

$197 $147

✓ 6 Course Modules

✓ Updated strategies for 2024

✓ Highly-actionable lesson plans

✓ Behind the scenes look at my scripts and processes

Private Mentorship

Limited seats available


30-day one-to-one program

✓ Creator Academy Course (lifetime access)

✓ 30-day Private Live Chat

✓ 2 x Private Coaching Call

✓ Customized Niche and Goal Planning

✓ Personalized Video Audit (review hooks, storyline, cta)

Personalized Title & Thumbnail

Try it Risk-Free for 14 Days

We want your investment in the course to be a no-brainer. If you've started the course and felt for any reason that it's not for you, drop us an email and we’ll happily refund your entire payment (if you have not started Module 2 and refund requested within 14 days.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Type of Channels I Will Cover

One to One Mentorship.

Supercharge Your YouTube Growth.

For the next 30 days, I'll be giving you direct support and feedback to supercharge your YouTube growth.

Sometimes a course isn't enough. Even if you have the best course material, implementing what you learn into your own channel is sometimes quite tricky.

  • How do you know the thumbnail you made is going to get clicks?
  • How do you know your stories are engaging enough?
  • How do you know you're even in the right niche?

Yes, there are plenty of guides and information on YouTube to guide you through it, but you gotta spare the time to navigate and sort through it all. To see which ones are legit and know how to apply them to your own content. And that's on top of the time you're already putting into creating videos. But what if you have a mentor working by your side on your channel, reviewing your videos, titles, thumbnails to make sure you're on the right track, which will maximize your chances of success on YouTube? An accountability partner that ensures you are the right track. But why 30 days? Well, that because the first 30 days is the most challenging part of your YouTube journey. It's the period when you'll have the steepest learning curve. You don't need to spend 6 months or a year to figure this out, and create hundreds of videos to later find out you did everything wrong. You need to have the right setup in the beginning and I will nail this down for you in the first 30 days. As we all know, growing on YouTube is not an exact science, there are many moving variables, and it involves many trial and errors. It's an incredibly time-consuming process, but my team and I will give you the shortest path and give you the highest possible return. Since this is a personal mentorship program, I can only take in a limited number of students to make sure every student receives the best coaching experience. If you're interested, click Enrol Now.

30-Day Mentorship

Limited spots available. Includes Creator Academy Course.


Mentorship Testimonials

What You Will Get In This Program

Private Chat

For the next 30 days, you will have live chat access to me via a private channel on Slack. Message me and I’ll help you with every question or concern. No question goes unanswered. (Value $1,200)

1:1 Video Call

You will get a private 40-minute zoom call with me. The most important thing you can have when starting something new is a mentor that you can speak to face to face. (Value $350)

Customized Goal Setting

I will assess your skills, experience, seek out your unfair advantage and recommend the best course of action for you (including niche selection and video style). (Value $399)

Video Audit

You’ll get to submit your videos to me for feedback, so I can help you identify the most important improvements to your storyline, hooks, editing and production value, so you never had to sit and wonder what you could've done better. 2 videos a month. (Value $250)

Title & Thumbnail Audit

You'll also get to have your titles and thumbnails reviewed, two of the most crucial pieces to get clicks. Having an expert look at your titles and thumbnails will exponentially increase the speed at which you can improve, and you’ll get actionable feedback every time. 2 videos a month. (Value $250)

Creator Academy Course

You will have access to a comprehensive YouTube course that teaches you how to create a substantial income as a small creator. The course is constantly updated to be relevant today. Lifetime access included.

(Value $97)

30-Day Mentorship

Limited spots available. Includes Creator Academy Course.


Jason Lee

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